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Tamarindito is located along an escarpment in what is now Guatemala. Tamarindito is thought to have been the capital of a ruling lineage in the Early Classic Petexbatún, absorbed in the Late Classic by the new power that established itself at Dos Pilas. This site is only accessible by foot, and is exactly as it was during the Maya civilization. It must have posed a threat, given the oversight function established at the nearby center of Arroyo de Piedra. This site formed a polity with Arroyo de Piedra, sharing the Emblem Glyph. Tamarindito is a small site with more than 140 structures and also shows, 8 Stelas and 2 altars, a ball court and a hieroglyphic staircase named the "Prisoner Staircase" that relates the defeat and capture of the Dos Pilas ruler, this polity have strong links with Machaquilá to the east. The site also features a dam made during the Middle Classic that shows an intensive agricultural system. The Lagoon has been the object of interesting paleontological investigations that have shown traces of occupation since the Middle Pre Classic to the Terminal Classic.