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Altar de Sacrificios is located west of Seibal, very near the Río Usumacinta River, on the Mexican border by Chiapas. 'Altar' is a relatively small site when compared with the larger ceremonial centers in the surrounding area. However, this did not deter it from becoming, at one point in time, the capital of the region around Guatemala's Río de la Pasión. It owed its prominence partly to its position as a crossroads for trade with Chiapas and Guatemala. Although it had a long history beginning about 1000 B.C., and had been the regional capital since 455 A.D., its zenith came later, between 613 and 771 A.D., centuries in which construction works and stelae production flourished. Thereafter the site slacked off into gradual decline. The last date recorded at the site corresponds to the Christian year 910 A.D.