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is a small city located near Merida. Acancen means "Moaned of deer", it is made up of akam "moaned", and keh "deer".It is a very easy drive through the countryside and can be reached from several directions. The ruins are very small but quite interesting for the very large masks recently uncovered. The ruins are located within the town and can be seen from the town square.
There are also interesting cultural implications at the site since "The Pyramid" has stairs on all four sides and resembles other sites from the same period. Two Pyramids at Uaxactún in the Peten Region also have the same design including the masks.
Acancéh's Palace of Stuccoes shows a high degree of ornamentation of its stuccoed frieze. There are also features resembling of the Teotihuacan style. This, together with the building's architectural aspects, suggests that Acancéh was a Teotihuacan enclave in the area. To date there is little information that allows us to know the exact dates in which the site was inhabited but Acanceh, Ake, Izamal and Yaxuna all had building projects in the first centuries of the early classic period.