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is located in the state of Campeche, Mexico just north of the Petén region, and is somewhat difficult to reach. It is located north of El Mirador and south of Balamkú. Calakmul is one of the largest Mayan cities from the late pre-Classic and Classic and may soon take its place in the ranks Tikal and Caracol as one of the most important Mayan sites. It is distinguished by its at least 106 engraved stelae, which is the largest number found at any known site. Most of the stelae depict luxuriantly attired personages, probably local rulers, standing on top of prisoners. They also have calendar glyphs that show dates between 500 and 850 A.D. This site, in its golden age was an important regional capital, sprawls over an area of approximately 42 square mile, where 6,750 structures of various types have been located. Among these there are two acropolis, a ball court, and numerous temples and pyramids including one of the largest monuments in the entire Mayan area. Recent investigations there have led to the finding of a tomb with rich offerings. Archaeologists also have discovered the remains of high-ranking captives, providing further evidence of Calakmul's power and influence. The site is located in the vast Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, one of the last of the Yucatan rainforests.