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from its beginning, during the Middle Pre-Classic Period 600 BC. to end of its time 250 AD., the site registered a great population and constructive growth. The monumental stone architecture as seen in palaces and temples, coated with stucco and decorated with bas-relief. A form of architecture already existing reserved for the dominant class. The common domestic constructions display simple stone plinths with walls of sticks and earth floors. Although apparently the site decreased in importance and number of inhabitants during the time Classic Period 250 - 800 AD, their leaders ordered the remodeling of Set A; it was constructed therefore to the great central perron that we now see. Unlike other sites of the valley of Tlacolula, Mitla and Yagul which display very clear elements of the influence mixteca during Mount Alban V, they are not present in DainzĂș, which indicates its was of little importance for the time, or that the site had been left.