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is a recently restored, gigantic, and imposing ruin. Dzibanché, meaning "writing on wood" in Mayan and owes its name to the fact that one Temple has a fairly large wooden lintel that bears eight glyphs dated 618 A.D. The site sits on some hills surrounded by flats. Dzibanche is definitely a discovery of great importance. Some archaeologists are calling it the "Tikal of Mexico", because of its size and beauty. Dzibanché was a major site in the Mayan area in the Classic Period from 300 to 900 A.D. The site's most important architectural complex is made up of a number of plazas ringed by large palaces and platforms from which temples decorated with Peten-style crests rose. A Ball Court, somewhat removed from the main block of structures, completes the list of buildings at this civic-ceremonial center. Besides its natural water sources, this site has several chultunes (clay lined cisterns) that served as water deposits.