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- (also known as Etzná) Means "House of the Grimace" in Mayan. The southernmost of the Puuc sites it can be reached by car and is only a one hour drive from the city of Campeche. The site is best known for its five-storied structure which is a combined pyramid and palace. The first four floors contain all types of rooms, while on the top floor is a temple. Another structure is the Temple of Masks, garnished with depiction's of the sun god in his rising and setting phases.
Edzna is surrounded by a complex system of canals and reservoirs, and a square, fortress-like structure is encompassed by a moat. While most of what one sees at Edzná is Late Classic in date, it is noteworthy that at least some of the canals go back to the Late Pre-Classic. Edzná was the most important place in mid-Campeche in the late Classic. Over 200 constructions were erected in that time, in an area of 10 square miles. In most cases the new structures were built over those from the Late Pre-Classic. Several stelae found here show Long-Count dates between 672 and 810 A.D.