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El Mirador
is located just north of Tikal on the Mexico - Guatemala border. The name means "the lookout or observatory" in Spanish. El Mirador is thought to have been an active city from 400 B.C. to 150 A.D. El Mirador is thought to have been the trade center of its time and certainly was much larger and important than its neighbors Cerros, Cuello and Lamanai. During its peak it covered an area of 10 square miles. At its center lies civic and religious buildings. It was undoubtedly the seat of economic and political power of an extensive region whose trade it controlled. There are two huge architectural complexes that tower over the site. The Tiger Complex on the west end rises over a 14-acre base. It has a massive pyramid flanked by two smaller ones. On the east side of El Mirador is found the Danta Complex. It was erected on a natural rise of ground as a means of highlighting its monumental appearance.
Access to El Mirador, two-and-a-half miles (4 km.) from the Mexican border. Its constructions and size are the largest of any Maya archaeological site. Excavations are currently taking place there.