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The occupation in El Tigre dates from Middle Pre-Classic period (BC 600-300), to 1557 AD. The site of El Tigre (the tiger) has been known since the Spanish conquest as Itzamkanac. A very important fluvial port between the Peten and the Campeche coast. Hernan Cortes towards the end of 1525 knew about the commercial importance of the port and decided to visit it on the way to Hibueras, Honduras. He made paths and built great wooden bridges to continue his journey. Some bridges still remain and are known as Cortes' bridges by the people in Río Candelaria and from neighbors of the site. It is possible to think about the location of the bridge used by Cortés to abandon the city after the execution of Cuauhtémoc. It would be important to identify El Tigre with Itzamkanac, regional capital of Acalán province.