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is located a mile away from Tecpán which is about 21 miles from Chimaltenango. Iximché was the capital of the Cakchiquel Maya. The archaeological site sits atop a fortified hilltop surrounded by a moat about nine feet deep, with a ball court and other structures. The patio for ball games is completely enclosed, which is common in many places on the altiplano. The ball courts were built near an area containing four plazas. The Cakchiquel Maya were powerful warriors and skillful builders. It is thought that Iximché was founded in the year 1470 A.D. (late Post-Classic era from 1250-1525), and throughout the life of the city were the bitter enemies of the Quiché Maya. The first spanish settlement on Guatemala soil was in Iximché. Iximché is located very close to the ruins of Pocomán, also called Mixco Viejo. The buildings and ceramics of Mixco Viejo appear to belong to the same era.