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is a site which lies within the town of the same name. The town is considered special because the hills (cerros) have proved to be incredibly large ruins and for the Convent which was built in the 1500's on top of what was certainly a large palace or temple.
The site, whose original population dates from the late pre-Classic until the Spanish conquest, covers an area of about six square miles. It held power in the region between 600-800 A.D. A long sacbe paved the way between it and Aké and lesser sites. Today it is possible to tour the ruins in horse drawn carriages as the cerros are located in different parts of the city.
Its most outstanding building is known as the Kinich Kak Moo. From a platform measuring 670 by 670 feet at its base there rises a 57-foot high pyramid. This structure was consecrated as a place of worship of the Maya. No one but the priest who officiated sacrifices was allowed climb the pyramid.