Kohunlich is a corruption of the name "Cohune Ridge". Cohune is a species of fruiting palm common to the area. Kohunlich is located about an hour west of Chetumal. The site was previously known as Clarksville, which is how it is referred to in old maps and reports. The ruins resemble the Rio Bec style and the Petén style. This shows the close ties and importance Kohunlich would have had with the other areas of Maya culture. The site is located in an area of dense jungle with no visible water source nearby. Archaeologists are reconstructing an elaborate hydro project which probably allowed the Maya to survive and even flourish. The site is best known for its Temple of the Masks. It is decorated with various stucco designs, representing the different ages of the sun. It's an Early Classic pyramid whose central stairway is flanked by the masks. Built around 500 C.E., this is one of the oldest constructions at the site.

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