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is located near the east coast of Quintana Roo. It can be reached by car by driving south from Cancun and Tulum. Muyil is situated around a fresh water lake called La Laguna. The site was a trading town of moderate importance because it was located on the coast. Muyil is one of the oldest cities found in the Northern Yucatan and was probably inhabited in the pre-Classic. The city grew slowly throughout the Classic, it was not until the post-Classic that it expanded to its maximum size. The buildings of a civic ceremonial nature were done in the East Coast architectural style. The Castle is the highest structure at the site and shows architectural features which reveal the influence of the Petén Region. The temple atop the Castle retains the original wooden lintels above its entrances, as well as traces of Mayan blue and red paint on its walls. Muyil is mostly covered in vegetation, however, there are 75 temples in the main complex waiting to be uncovered.