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Rio Azul
is a site of the Pre-Columbian Maya civilization in what is now Guatemala.
Sak Há Witznal (Clear Water Mountain) is its real name and is located 80 km north-east of Tikal. The Río Azul National Park has several sites the most important is Río Azul, a Major late pre-classic to early classic site, along the Rio Azul banks. Dams, canals, agricultural terraces and fortifications are distributed along the shores of this river. It was build in 25 years and the population of the area state that the Lords of Rio Azul dominated (measuring some 170 km including Kinal and other cities in Belice). The population is thought to be around 400,000 in 400 AD. It was abandoned by 535 AD.The site itself is 3 km square with 41 plazas, 752 structures, 21 sculptured stelas, 26 plain stelas, and 16 altars documented to date. The tallest Temple is 47 meters high a typical Preclassic Triadic Temple (Three small structures on the top, the one in the center at the back and the others facing each other). Stela 1 mention the alliance with Tikal, and Stela 2 records the visit of the King of La Milpa (now in Belize), the area was around 170 km square and was structured as a feudal state where nobility lived in farms around the city. Among other findings, there was found a chocolate pot with a screw for a lid. It is world-renowned for a sepulture (bearing 1) with beautiful decoration (400AD), in bearing 12, there are also murals with the cardinal points perfectly aligned and representing the Moon (north), the Sun (east), Venus (south), and the Darkness (west).