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San Gervaso
- Very little is written about San Gervaso, on the island of Cozumel. What is know is that Cozumel was a place for healing and relaxing. Todays equivalent might be a health spa. Mayas traveled from all over the Yucatan peninsula and even regions beyond to go there. It is said to been ruled by Ixchel, the Isis of the Maya. This would indicate the ruler was a woman but she or he is always referred to as a priest not a priestess. I think it is in the translation and the ruler was a woman. It would be in keeping with the nurturing aspects of the history of the island. Cortes was received in friendship at Cozumel and the island was described as highly populated. By 1579 this would no longer be true, Cozumel would be reduced to 20 families. The blame for this loss was smallpox and the merciless cruelty of the Pachecos to put down the revolt of 1546.