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- Teobert Maler was the first Austrian to report the existence of this archaeological site in 1895 during his expeditions around the Chenes region in Campeche State. Based on its archaeological data, this ancient Maya City seems to have reached its most important period between A.D. 750 and 900. Followed by its slow decadence on to the Terminal classic period, that is approximately between A.D. 1000 -1250. This is a site that should be visited not only with a tourist vision but also as the sun of acknowledgement about the architecture within the chenes area. Conservation and investigation activities have been held at the site, and is the reason for the lack of hallways and clear plazas to tour the site. The most important structure is the emblem tower and it is believed to be an astronomical observation point. This structure was also used as a stela because its surface contains the most relevant information about the city.