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to the east a few blocks in the city of Chalchupa, Tazumal colorfully rises the historical monument a living witness of a race already extinguished that offers from its heights a charming panorama, has become one of the favorite strolls of the Chalchupanecos and the tourists alike. Tazumal in Pokomán language, means: Place surrounded by lagoons or chaguitoso. The pyramid at Tazumal, in the city of Chualchuapa was a main place of adoration according to the type of construction  The construction of the pyramid was done with mud, stone and other materials that combined giving a cement species which has prevailed for centuries to the present time as faithful testimony of the Mayan culture. The archaeological site of the Tazumal, is located on the South end of the zone of the area of Chalchuapa and was the main center of activity during the Classic Period. The main construction constitutes the structure Number 1, formed by a pyramid of great dimension, which has vertical stepped terraces that cover two hectares, having reached a height of 24 meters. Thirteen stages of construction were detected, which began in year 200 AD. Another one of the structures that excel in the Tazumal site is structure 2, constructed in the period near the year 900 AD., shows the character of constructive style of slope and board, a ball court and a round temple that is presumed was dedicated to Quetzalcoatl, which no longer exists. Structure 2 displays very similar characteristics to the architecture of some Mexican archaeological sites, possibly of the same time of Tazumal.