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The settlers who rehabilitated Teayo, in the nineteenth century planned their settlement around the pre-Hispanic Castle or the Pyramid which was the heart and center of the town. It's name comes from a hieroglyph, Teayotlan, represented on a Tuxpan linen cloth meaning in the stone turtle. It is still not certain who were the oldest cultural occupation of Teayo. One assumes Teayo was first settled by the olmeca-vixtoti, then Mayan, then tolteca, huasteca and mexica, influences of all seem present. The presence of all these occupations, totally has not been clarified, with the exception of the last two throughout the Post Classic period. In the early phase of 1100 to 1300 AD. the Huasteca culture seems present and in the later phase 1300 to 1500 AD. the Mixteca culture.